Make Women Great Again!

Wondering why my face is in a blender and covered in clothespins? Let me explain! I recently participated in Oklahoma City’s 48 Hour Film Festival, which means my amazing all-female team devised, revised, filmed, edited, created props, found extras, and made a whole short happen in 48 hours. Within the film festival, we were given parameters for the film we would create. All teams had to include: a character named Ella/Ethan Rain — Regional Sales Manager, a clothespin, and the line of dialogue “well, that was a lie.” We also drew the genres sci-fi and slapstick, we could include one or both. We had an amazing time making this film, a sci-fi black mirror-esque short about a woman who falls into a mind controlling workout regimen, with commentary on the overwhelming standards we have for women. Watch our film by clicking here and entering MWGA! *Warning: there is partial nudity at the beginning of the film* #MWGA #teamscissorsisters

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.12.21 PM.png